How do I schedule an appointment?2021-10-27T11:25:17-04:00

Ready to schedule an appointment?  Please email us at info@anxietyandbfrb.com.

Not sure yet? Contact us today to set up a 15 minute complimentary consultation phone call.  We would be happy to answer questions and discuss whether we are the right place for you.

Do you participate with any insurance plans?2021-10-27T11:25:57-04:00

Although we do not participate in any insurance plans, we will provide you with a billing receipt that includes the necessary information for you to file with your insurance plan for any out-of-network benefits that your plan may cover.  Please check with your insurance provider for more information about any out-of-network benefits that may be available to you.

Will my appointments be in person or by telehealth?2021-10-27T11:26:43-04:00

At this time, our practice is using a 100% telehealth format.  Be assured we are using a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)-compliant telehealth platform in order to best protect your privacy and confidentiality.

During telehealth appointments, it is important to be alone in a place that ensures your privacy and limits distractions.  We ask that the appointment be your sole focus in order to fully engage in the appointment.

We will continue to regularly re-evaluate the safety of in person appointments in response to the COVID19 pandemic.

How long is a typical course of treatment?2021-10-27T11:28:04-04:00

Because treatment is individualized for each client, the length of someone’s treatment is considerably varied.  We strive to help clients make gains and meet their goals as quickly as possible.  Our intention is for therapy to be time-limited and based on the individual’s specific goals.

Many factors impact someone’s rate of progress in treatment.  Some examples include number and severity of presenting problems, appointment frequency, attendance consistency, and homework completion.  We strive to provide treatment that is time-limited and problem-focused, helping clients meet their treatment goals in a reasonable period of time.

Do you participate in “single case agreements” with health insurance companies?2022-03-21T14:10:13-04:00

Unfortunately, we are not able to participate in single case agreements. You are welcome to negotiate directly with your insurance company to see if they will make an agreement directly with you, with MCOA remaining an out of network provider who is not a direct party to said agreement.

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